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Conditions We Treat

Our division of men’s programs address a full range of mental and behavioral health issues, specializing in the treatment of PSTD, anxiety, depression, anger-related concerns, relational and developmental trauma, and maladaptive coping skills such as substance use, aggression, and infidelity.

Whether you were exposed to trauma in childhood, as an adult, on the job, or while serving our country, we understand the connection it has to your overall wellbeing and general day-to-day functioning; often robbing you of the peace of mind you deserve. Providing you a safe and confidential setting is of the utmost importance to us, as we believe trust and a sense of security are essential to the therapeutic process as they pave the way for vulnerability and true, complete healing to occur.

Waves Treatment Center will now be called Wings Recovery for Men. Same people, same program, new name.