Waves Treatment Center will now be called Wings Recovery for Men. Same people, same program, new name.

Are you looking for a gender-specific women’s program? Learn how we can help at Wings Recovery

Wings Recovery for Men

Wings Recovery for Men provides comprehensive mental health treatment for men. We specialize in the treatment of severe mental health issues including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Gender Specific Treatment

For many men their trauma may be the result of various types of traumatic experiences, including physical abuse, sexual assault, emotional abuse and/or relational trauma, to name a few. For First Responders trauma may result from being exposed to dangerous, stressful and sometimes life threatening experiences day after day.

Safe Environment

Wings Recovery for Men was founded by two therapists–a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist. With their extensive experience in the mental health treatment field they realized men were not getting the help they needed in an environment that focused on their issues without outside distractions. Through their years of experience helping patients with heart-wrenching traumatic issues open up and heal they decided to create a place where men can recover in the presence of other men who understand their experience and who can relate to their struggles. Wings Recovery for Men is a safe and confidential setting where men can address the trauma and underlying mental health issues that prevent them from living their lives to the fullest. At Wings Recovery for Men we understand first-hand the devastating effects that trauma and mental illness can have on individuals, their careers and the lives of the people who love them.

Treating Underlying Mental Health Issues

Wings Recovery for Men addresses the full range of mental health issues, and specializes in the treatment of PSTD, relational and development trauma, dissociative disorders, grief, depression, anxiety, anger related concerns and maladaptive coping skills such as substance use, aggression, and infidelity. You don’t have to know you have trauma in your past. Many people live with the effects of trauma without knowing that their life experiences have been traumatic. Even when PSTD is not a primary diagnosis there are often relational and development traumas that underly other mental health issues and substance abuse.

Levels of Care

Wings Recovery for Men - Residential Treatment Program

When you are just beginning the process of recovery you often need a safe place to learn the skills and tools you need to later help yourself through challenging times. Surrounded by other men in recovery as well as our professional, caring treatment team, our San Diego residential treatment center will become a second home where you are guaranteed a safe environment free of distractions that could otherwise interfere with your recovery.

Wings Recovery for Men - Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

For many clients, our San Diego PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) is the next step in their journey after residential treatment. Other individuals find that entering directly into the PHP program is the best route. Our PHP program takes place Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and offers a safe place to go during the day while you continue working with your therapists, attending groups, and learning new coping skills. At the same time, it gives you the freedom to practice your new skills out in the world while still having rock-solid support from your therapists and peers.

Supportive Housing is available for those who do not live in the area or require more support.

Wings Recovery for Men Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

When you are ready to leave Wings Recovery for Men residential or PHP care and want to continue developing your coping skills and receiving support from your peers, our San Diego IOP program is a great option. The ‘I’ in IOP stands for intensive, and our IOP program runs 3 hours per day with a flexible schedule.

Wings Recovery for Men Treatment Services

* Programming and therapists do not change when you move from residential to PHP levels of care.

Example Client Journey

Compared to receiving care at a psychiatric hospital or a facility without trauma treatment, Wings Recovery for Men provides clients with an unprecedented number of individual therapy sessions and a personalized treatment plan focused on addressing trauma, mental health issues and substance abuse issues.

1. John has PTSD, anxiety and a PRN for Xanax which he doesn’t abuse. He is looking for access to a primary mental health residential treatment program to address his PTSD and anxiety and depression. His wife is worried about him living with other women even in a clinical setting. 2. John begins treatment 3. John is discharged
John is admitted to Wings Recovery for Men Residential program A personalized care plan is developed, including EMDR and weekly individual therapy sessions are schedules

  • Primary therapist 2 sessions
  • Trauma specialist 2 sessions
  • Psychiatrist for medication management 1
  • Registered Dietician session if needed
  • John while completing multiple levels of care has continuity with his clinical team and is able to stay in treatment long enough to address his mental health needs and learn coping skills that he can use upon discharge
  • John’s wife is secure in the knowledge that he is not getting close to other women and John is able to be around other men who have experienced similar issues.
John is referred to outpatient therapy so that he can continue his treatment where he lives. Wings Recovery for Men has relationships across the country with local providers to ensure continuity of care
Alternate Journey without Wings Recovery for Men
Due to the PRN he is denied treatment unless he agrees to come off the medication his doctor prescribed even though he has never abused it and has difficulty finding a program. When he finally finds a program it is coed and his wife is concerned and not fully supportive of his leaving for a month or two to live somewhere else with other women.
  • Minimal individual therapy sessions are provided.
  • Since the facility is only “trauma informed” and not a trauma specific program, no treatment is provided to address the PTSD.
  • John is in treatment for only 30 days.
  • John’s wife worries about him getting close to the female patients and doesn’t want him to continue staying at the treatment center so even if there is an option for more treatment he leaves early.
  • If he decides to continue with PHP he may end up with new therapists.
John is discharged too early without having addressed the PTSD or mental health issues and has not had the opportunity to learn any coping skills. Within a month he is admitted to a psychiatric hospital or is experiencing the same symptoms he had prior to admission.

Wings Recovery for Men and their sister program Wings Recovery have an exceptional reputation for trauma treatment as is recognized across the country as being an exceptional place to receive treatment. Both Wings Recovery for Men and Wings Recovery are often referred clients by providers and health insurance plans for treatment of clients with complex conditions.

Wings Recovery for Men and Wings Recovery for women are in-network with Anthem, HealthNet, MHN, Tricare, TriWest and Sharp Healthcare. Wings Recovery for Men accepts out of network benefits from most insurance carriers such as Aetna, Cigna and UHC/Optum.

Wings Recovery for Men frequently receives single case agreements from major commercial carriers