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Residential Treatment

Our San Diego residential treatment center provides care and supervision 24/7. Our safe, distraction-free environment helps men heal from mental health issues. Our residential program is voluntary and provides a high level of care to create safety and security. During residential treatment clients will receive individual therapy sessions at least four times a week. Weekly medication visits and daily nursing evaluations are also included. Clients also participate in our robust group treatment program, that includes the most cutting-edge treatment interventions. Our caring professionals are available to help provide support and structure 24 hours a day


At Wings Recovery for Men, we offer residential treatment for a wide range of mental health issues, including trauma and PTSD, dissociation, anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, and co-occurring substance abuse problems.
We offer a trauma-focused approach to treatment, with many of our therapists trained in EMDR, IFS, and other evidence-based approaches to trauma treatment.

In our residential program, you receive a great deal of individual attention, including seeing an individual therapist twice per week, a trauma therapist up to twice per week (optional), as well as having the option of seeing a psychiatrist and nurse every week, as well. That’s up to 6 individual sessions per week, much more than is offered by most other residential programs.

We also offer group therapy and a wide range of integrative therapies, including acupuncture, yoga, equine therapy, and even the chance to rock out with our Rock to Recovery music therapy program. Click here to learn more about our unique treatment approach.

Take The First Step Toward Better Health

If you are considering residential mental health treatment for yourself or your loved one and want the best care available in the San Diego area, give us a call at 1.888.790.9377. When you call our admissions line we will help you decide if Wings Recovery for Men is the right program for you.

Waves Treatment Center will now be called Wings Recovery for Men. Same people, same program, new name.