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Dr. Alisa Brady, Ph.D

CEO and Co-founder


Dr. Alisa Brady is a licensed clinical psychologist with over fifteen years of clinical and business development experience. She is the owner and CEO of several treatment centers, including Wings Recovery, Waves Treatment Center and ADR Wellness.  Dr. Brady received her PhD from the University of Southern California and studied Cognitive Science at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Brady combines clinical expertise with experience in Organizational Development and business development. She has given day-long seminars and presentations on issues of addiction and recovery treatment models, building a successful treatment staff, strategies for increasing treatment compliance, and using psychology and assessment to improve hiring practices. She specializes in helping companies build a foundation of trust among employees and consumers and believes that trust and authenticity is a key variable in creating an ethical and profitable business. In her free time Dr. brady enjoys spending time with her family and equestrian riding.

Waves Treatment Center will now be called Wings Recovery for Men. Same people, same program, new name.