Waves Treatment Center will now be called Wings Recovery for Men. Same people, same program, new name.

Are you looking for a gender-specific women’s program? Learn how we can help at Wings Recovery

Moral Reconation Therapy® (MRT)

At Wings Recovery for Men the use of MRT is highly effective when applied to help individuals recognize how trauma may be connected to substance abuse and other mental health issues. 

It helps you to recognize faulty belief systems and find ways to take ownership for behaviors and learning ways to connect with inner beliefs, morals and one's true self.

What is MRT—Moral Reconation Therapy®?

The term “moral” refers to moral reasoning  based on Kohlberg’s levels of cognitive reasoning.  The word “reconation” comes from the psychological terms “conative” and “conation,” both of which refer to the process of making conscious decisions.  MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior.

*Information provided by Moral Reconation Therapy® website